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Roverman Productions' Platforms

Roverman Productions in its desire to reach audiences across the country and beyond with its exciting, original world class plays has developed various viewing packages as follows.

Roverman "Quarterly Plays"

he Roverman Quarterly Plays is a platform in fulfilment of a commitment to deliver a brand new original play each Quarter of the year. Each Quarterly Play shows a total of eight (8) times over a two week period and attracts about 12,000 patrons at the National Theatre in Accra. Thus there are four (4) Quarterly Plays each year.

Roverman "Festival of Plays"

This is a compilation of all four plays staged in the year plus one from our repertoire of 23 plays and presented as a package during the Christmas and New Year Season with two (2) shows per day over five (5) days. This is a major family day out platform for the season and attracts a significant number of holidaymakers and 'diasporians' returning home for the season among it's about 10,000 patrons.

The "Roverman Road Show"

This is a platform created to take our plays across selected cities and towns in Ghana. This has taken us to Kumasi, Takoradi, Cape Coast, Tamale, Ho, Koforidua, with Sunyani coming on board this year. There are two (2) showings of a selected play in on each Roadshow date.

The "Roverman Campus Tour"

The Roverman Campus Tour is a platform created to reach tertiary education communities and create a desire and appreciation for theatre in a view to guaranteeing sustained mass patronage into the future. There is usually two (2) showings of the selected play on each

The Roverman "Exclusive Show"

The Roverman Exclusive Show is a platform that brings our quality, entertaining and thought-provoking plays exclusively and intimately to Corporate, Religious, Entertainment and Social organisations, institutions and groups.

his platform is useful for Anniversaries, Instituted let-your-hair-down days at work, Annual convocations, Special occasions, Staff Durbars, Festive Season Celebrations, Family Days etcetera and serves as a veritable means of building lasting business relationships between organisations and their clients, prospective partners, employees and other stakeholders.

We seek to partner with such organisations in a collaborative effort to:

  • Bring your Organisational arms together
  • Enhance the general working environment
  • Establish better bonds with clients and prospectives
  • Position themselves as caring, appreciative and socially conscious
  • De-stressing the Worker
  • Enable members to network amongst themselves
  • Guarantee a fantastic Launchpad or Round-Up

The time, date and venue is at the convenience of the host organisation as well as the choice to create a program around the play that may include a reception, presentation, speech etc.

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